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I am an Internal Family Systems Therapist providing counselling and psychotherapy
 for individuals and couples


I am only offering online therapy until further notice


In the heart of difficulty we can find our deepest potential.


Being alive in a body is no easy ride! In the flow of life we inevitably encounter a range of adverse circumstances which vary in intensity. Sometimes this gives rise to difficult, painful or overwhelming experiences that we may not have the support to process and move through. This more commonly happens in the context of an interpersonal relationship, especially early in life when we are most vulnerable. But it can also occur as a result of an accident, illness, crime, war or pandemic. In such situations our instinctive - and often sub-conscious - reaction may be to use various strategies to try and protect ourselves from harm or emotional overwhelm. These reactions can become fixed coping strategies that persist in our lives, having unintended negative consequences and limiting the expression of our deepest potential. Furthermore, we may sometimes find ourselves overcome with difficult or painful feelings that are not primarily related to our current situation. All of this is often, but not always, what motivates people to seek therapy:


  • Perhaps you repeatedly find yourself in a painful situation or feel stuck.
  • Or you are experiencing emotions that feel overwhelming or unexplainable.
  • Different kinds of relationships can be hard to navigate.
  • Have you experienced trauma, painful past events, illness or loss?
  • You may be feeling sad, lonely or low in self-esteem.
  • Or be struggling with feelings of guilt and shame.
  • Anxiety, fear or depression can be limiting or even crippling for some.
  • Perhaps you're struggling with compulsive or addictive behaviours.
  • Or impulsive, reactive behaviours that harm others or yourself.
  • Do you feel unable to love others or yourself?
  • Are you unsure of your direction or purpose in life?
  • Maybe you long for a deeper understanding and experience of your Self.


It can be incredibly difficult to find our way through challenges such as these. You may intuit that there could be more to your life, but are afraid of exploring what feels painful, difficult or shameful. None of this is a sign of failure or weakness. It is part of the landscape of this human experience, showing us that we need to find a deeper understanding of ourselves if we wish to live a really meaningful and satisfying life. Reaching out to a counsellor or psychotherapist for support is an empowering step to take - you are choosing to meet the difficulty and begin a process of healing and growth.

I provide a safe, confidential relationship within which you can explore those aspects of your experience that you need support with. I work with the understanding that we all have the ability to meet any experience with an open heart and open mind. I can support you to be present in this way with whatever has been feeling difficult, painful, stuck and unresolved. This is what catalyses a natural process of healing, integration and growth. Counter-intuitively, if we explore what's difficult and attend to our emotional wounds we find that some of our deepest gifts and capacities emerge from these places. This is a journey in which you will uncover and experience inherent qualities of your core Self including compassion, clarity, confidence, creativity, calm and love.

I am a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Eastville in the North of Bristol. I work online with individuals and couples. My primary therapeutic approach is Internal Family Systems. This powerful modality is at the leading edge of modern psychological therapies, especially in the treatment of trauma. It is a fast growing influence around the globe, supported by a growing body of research. I also offer Tango Couples Therapy in person. This is an alternative, dance-oriented approach to couples therapy. I have an extensive background in meditation practice, including mindfulness, which informs my therapeutic practice.


I am a qualified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist (Level 2). I also have a postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Counselling and a further Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I am an Accredited Member of the The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) (on a register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority) and I abide by its Code of Ethics.


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My work as a therapist is grounded in the power, at the core of every one of us, to be present with all of our experience with an open heart and open mind. When we meet our experience in this way everything can take its natural course, from the healing of our emotional wounds, to the harmonising of our inner life and the increasing capacity to contribute our unique gifts to the world. It would be my honour to accompany and support you on that journey.

If you are an individual or a couple seeking counselling or psychotherapy, either online or in Bristol, you are welcome to get in touch with me here.


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